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Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare

Author: Adalberto Guerrero

History/Social Science Standard 10.5 Students analyze the causes and course of the First World War.

Objective: Students will be able to analyze the necessity for trench warfare on the western front during world war I.

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Hello class, in your groups i want you to watch the videos, take notes and complete the quiz questions that are provide for you.  Also there will be a  link to a google form where we will answer a bigger question on this lesson

What was life like in the trenches?

This is a animated video that goes into detail about the difficulties of trench warfare.

I provided a website where you can learn more information about Trench Warfare during World War I.  Please click here

War Horse film - Trench Warfare

Here is a scene from the movie War Horse. The battle that is taking place is the Battle of the Somme in the last months of World War I. This is going to give you an idea of the horrors that these soldiers experience.

Here is a map of the western front during World War I.  We notice here that the western front will be located in France and Belgium

The Great War - Trench Warfare

This video will give you good analysis on trench warfare during World War I.

Essay Question:  Please answer the following question in the google form link that I provide at the bottom.  What do you believe would be the most challenging aspect of living in a trench? Do you feel this style of warfare would be more difficult than the style of mobility?  Please explain to me in about 2 paragraphs


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