Author: Rachel Kaplan

Our objectives for this packet include:
-Understanding the sum of angles in a triangle
-The exterior angle theorem and how to use it
-Solving for angle measures algebraically, using these concepts

Through a powerpoint and several walkthrough videos, we will learn many properties about angles in a triangle and how to use them to solve problems.

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The Exterior Angle Theorem

What interior and exterior angles are (parts of a triangle), as well as an explanation of the exterior angle theorem.

The Sum of the Angles of a Triangle

Why angles of a triangle always add up to 180.

Using the Exterior Angle Theorem to Solve

A step by step example of how to solve for angles of a triangle given algebraically, using the exterior angle theorem.

Solving a Triangle Given 2 Angles Algebraically

How to solve a triangle's angles when two angles are given algebraically and one is given in degree form.

Solving a Triangle Given 3 Angles Algebraically

A step-by-step problem of how to solve for the angles of a triangle if all three are given algebraically.