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Triangle Congruence

Triangle Congruence

Author: Kelsey Hennen

This packet will explain the following theorems:

This packet uses note sheets and examples to help explain the Triangle Congruence Theorems and includes a worksheet for extra practice.

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Key Terms

Corresponding Parts - the sides and angles of the  two (or more) polygons that are congruent.

Congruent Shapes - all of the sides and angles of two (or more) polygons are congruent.






NOTICE!! There is no such thing as Side-Side-Angle Theorem!!!

To help you remember just think about how it would be inappropriate to put this theorem

backwards in math textbooks, in this packet, and in your homework!


So why do I need to know these!?

All of these theorems are going to be very useful for you when you move on to proofs....if you can

show that all three sides of two trianges are congruent, then you can prove that the triangles are

congruent using SSS.  In other words, knowing these theorems will help you throughout geometry.

Triangle Congruence Theorems

Answers for Practice