Triangle Congruence Theorems

Triangle Congruence Theorems

Author: Dan Bowler

To review the five triangle congruence theorems

The lesson contains two slide shows. The first recaps the five triangle congruence theorems (SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA, and HL) and uses pictures to illustrate them. The second presents practice problems and solutions.

Photographs used in this packet were obtained at morguefile.com. Morguefile grants permission to use its images.

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Key terms

Corresponding Parts - If two angles in separate triangles or two sides in separate triangles are congruent, they are said to be corresponding parts.

Congruent Figures - two figures are congruent if all corresponding sides and angles are congruent

Triangle Congruence Theorems

Shows the five theorems that can be used to prove triangles congruent.

Practice Problems

This slide show presents several practice problems with solutions.