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4 Tutorials that teach Trust, Credibility, and Authority: Who Counts for What?
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Trust, Credibility, and Authority: Who Counts for What?

Trust, Credibility, and Authority: Who Counts for What?

Author: Craig Coletta

At the end of this lesson, the learner will understand that relationships play a large role in determining levels of trust, credibility and authority in conflict and conflict resolution situations

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Terms to Know
Attribution Bias

A tendency to assign more positive traits to members of one's own group and to assign more negative traits to non-members.


In relationships, a recognition that a member of the relationship is empowered to fill particular roles or perform particular tasks.


In relationships, a perception that an individual has adequate knowledge and an inclination to honesty regarding particular actions or statements.


An expectation that an individual will act in positive ways towards other members of the relationship, based on assessment of previous behavior.