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Tuesday 4/7

Tuesday 4/7

Author: Ashley Holst
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Life of an Ant Comprehension continued

Read pages 416-417 and answer the following questions using the story to help you.

1. Why is it important for members of an ant colony to bond together?

2. If you see an ant on the sidewalk by itself, what work is it probably doing? How do you know?

3. Why do you think it is important for ants to keep other strange ants out of the nest?

Read pages 418-419 and answer the following questions using the story to help you.

1. Why does the author compare ants to contraction workers and ant trails to highways?

2. How do wildflower plants help harvester ants? How do harvester ants help the plants?

3. Why does the author use the phrase "living bridge" to describe what army ants create?

Ending of Words: "y", "ie", "ey"

Vocabulary Practice

Word Family Practice: How does the ending change the meaning of the word?