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Tuskegee Trials

Tuskegee Trials


This Webtutorial will introduce students to the Tuskegee medical trials. Students will be asked to review the historical facts along with questions regarding morality and values. 

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Please take this quiz as you watch the video.

Read this excerpt from Vicki Oransky Wittenstein's text For the Good of Mankind? Take Cornell Notes focusing on what you have learned. LENGTH: 2 sides


Source: For the Good of Mankind? The Shamefull HIstory of Human Medical Experimentation

Follow Up Activity: Letter to Tuskegee Institute

Write a letter to the Tuskeegee Siphilis Institute informing them that their experiment is “unethical” and has broken two mandates from the Nuremberg Code that they have broken. Be sure to include details from today’s reading to prove your claims right. Place quotation marks around the details you are borrowing from today's reading.