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Author: Amber Coleman

The objective of this tutorial is to recognize and explain how tutorials have become an educational trend in today's world.

Tutorials come in many forms; however, most come in the way of a video in order to instruct people how to complete a task. There are many ways to find tutorials, but most would argue that is to most widely known and popular way to get your hands on any type of tutorial. Thankfully, there are software tools such as Snagit that allow people to compose and produce their own tutorials.

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Tutorial Software: Snagit

Snagit is a software that can be downloaded to any computer. It allows a person to take screenshot pictures and video from their computer screen, and with this software any computer tutorial imaginable can be created. This is not the only software out there to use, but I personally recommend it. It has been a great resource.

Educational Trend 1: Tutorials

Tutorials are some of the fastest and easiest ways to teach. They give step by step instruction on basically any process imaginable. People use tutorials to teach with, and people also learn so much from tutorials. They break down the steps necessary in order to complete a task (whatever that may be).

The website below give additional information on tutorials as an educational trend.

Example Tutorial: Tutorial on Audacity Software

This is just one of the many tutorials that are avaliable. People literally create, make, and post tutorials on just about anything. People use a the site in order to post these for anyone to watch.

(Audacity is an open-source software that allows anyone to create audio files. This program allos you to record and edit voice recordings.)