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Author: Collin Wright
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8 Amazing Free Apps for Broke College Students

Being a college student means living on a budget. Whether you save money to pay bills, student loans, or rent, the fear of survival might constantly be on the back of your mind. 

Because we know that going to college might already cost enough and stress you out, we put up a list of free applications essential for any student. There is no way you are going to survive university without them, so use them wisely! Check it out, and if you have anything else to add, feel free to leave us a comment.


If you want to listen to nice music while doing homework, Spotify is the place to go to. You can download it for free and make your own playlist, or follow others. Unfortunately, if you don’t upload to Premium (which is around $5 per month for students), you might have to listen to endless commercials, and won’t be able to pay whichever song you want to listen to. The only option you have is Shuffle.


You don’t need to own a notebook anymore – Evernote’s got your back. Create a free account, log in, and write as much as you’d like. Evernote saves every change instantaneously, so you don’t have to worry about keeping organized anymore. Classes are going to become more productive and easier to handle!

Google Drive

Google Drive is beneficial for many reasons. It is an online platform you could use from basically any computer. Storing documents and important files has never been simpler!


Specially designed for long-distance calls, Skype meets every critique’s expectations. It’s an easy way to communicate with your loved ones if you’re apart from home, and a smart method to conduct long-distance interviews. It saves money, and it gives both employers and employees the chance to get to know each other by interacting.

The Oxford Dictionary

They call themselves “The world’s most trusted dictionary provider,” and you really can’t argue with that. The Oxford Dictionary has thousands of definitions available online, the “word of the day,” and the “Hindi word of the day.” Isn’t that cool?


If you want to hear interesting talks and watch amazing videos, download TED. There are so many astonishing, new products that have impacted the market lately, and so many absorbing questions that need an answer. Watch the latest trend news and stay up to date by using TED!


Chegg should be one of your favorite apps if you are a broke college student with almost no money to buy school supplies or books. You can buy used books, or even rent them at a very low price. You can also find an online tutor on this platform!


Say you go grocery shopping with your roommate, pay the whole amount, and never get your money back – that’s frustrating, isn’t it? Venmo solves this problem! Sign up for free and send money without paying any fees throughout the US. It’s easy and convenient to use!

Wrapping Up

See? Being broke is not even that bad. You can download lots of apps for free and use them whenever you want to! Pick the right ones for you from the above list, and enjoy!

Author BIO: Collin Wright, young teacher and freelance writer at Marvelous-Reviews and professional ballroom dancer, is the author of the famous bestseller “How to Help People and Why.”  Her life has taught her to think positively, and her experiences have shaped her career greatly. Collin is an amazing mother, wife, and writer.