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Twenty-First Century Customer Relationship Management

Twenty-First Century Customer Relationship Management

Author: michael ritchey

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 Twenty-First Century Customer Relationship Management
New technologies will impact customer relationship management (CRM) due to its ability to allow customers to feel empowered enough to execute a range of independent activities and decisions. When it comes to modern customer relationship management, basic functions will remain crucial. Organizations, however, will specifically need to ensure the following:
The prime focus remains on always providing customers with the best experiences
Customer process management is effective
Cross-channel integration is facilitated
Contact center operations are robust and well monitored
Sales Force Automation (SFA) is made highly efficient
Marketing and campaign management activities produce tangible results
In Module 2, you examined the literature for consumer/client privacy issues associated with Big data. Use the University online library resources to identify at least two peer-reviewed articles that address consumer/client privacy issues associated with CRM.
Nguyen, B., & Mutum, D. S. (2012). A review of customer relationship management: Successes, advances, pitfalls, and futures. Business Process Management Journal, 18(3), 400–419. (doi:

Using the article as the basis for inquiry, prepare an analysis on CRM in the twenty-first century.
Cover the following:
Discuss the consumer/client privacy issues that might impact the uses of CRM.
Critically analyze the value of the CRM approach suggested by Nguyen and Mutum.
Compare the approach to other approaches you are familiar with.
Assess how the Nguyen and Mutum approach could be applied to your own organization.
Include what you liked and disliked about the approach.
Support your positions with at least two peer-reviewed journal articles.
Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Your response should be thorough and address all components of the discussion question in detail, include citations of all sources, where needed, according to the APA Style, and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation

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