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Twitter for Educators

Twitter for Educators

Author: Paula Dillon

At the end of this lesson, the user will be able to

1.  Create a Twitter Account

2  Set up security options and profile

3.  Select Organizations and People to Follow

4.  Post Tweets

5.  Use Twitter to develop a Personal Learning Network

This tutorial will walk educators through the process of creating a Twitter account to develop a PLN using Social Media.

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Twitter for Educators: Where to Begin Part 1

An overview of how to begin using Twitter to start or enhance your own Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Source: Paula Dillon

Twitter for Educators: Where to Begin Part 2

Continuation of Part 1 on building your PLN using Twitter

Source: Paula Dillon

Using Google URL Shortener to Add Links and Articles to Tweets

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add an article or URL to Twitter with fewer characters along with the ability to view the analytics associated with clicks.

Source: Paula Dillon

Articles for Review

Source: Author: Jeff Bush, @BushjMS, , Author: Jeff Dunn,, Infographic from Edudemic via Pintrest, Author: Katie Lepi for Edudemic, TeachThought

Twitter Cheat Sheet

Overview of the basic Twitter functions and where to find them


Source: Paula Dillon

PLP Network: Twitter Handbook for Teachers


Twitter Cheat Sheet by Dr. Kimberly Tyson


Source: Dr. Kimberly Tyson