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Twitter for Educators

Twitter for Educators

Author: Nicole Troy

To provide teachers with a range of resources and visual step by step guides to be able to sign up to Twitter and build their own Personal Learning Network (PLN).

This tutorial is a visual step by step guide to signing up to Twitter

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What's behind Twitter's explosive growth

Signing up to Twitter

Twitter Sign Up

Creating a Bio

View the slides to see what to include in your Twitter bio. If you need to watch a video of how to go in and edit your bio, download the Powerpoint and on the last slide there is a video to watch.

Exploring the Twitter Interface

This video explores the Twitter interface and its features

Why Twitter for Teachers?

Additional Teacher Guides to Twitter

The following addresses have great guides to using Twitter for teachers:

The Teacher’s Guide To Twitter (@Edudemic): 

25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter (@Edudemic):

10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Educational Twitter Account (@mrkempnz)

A Teacher's Guide to Starting on Twitter (@corisel):

60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category (@TeachThought)

What is a PLN?

​Chat it up: Everything you wanted to know about Twitter chats but were afraid to ask (@dankrutka)

Twitter EDU (@datruss)

Social Media for Teachers: Guides, Resources, and Ideas (@EducationMatt via @edutopia)

10 Secret #Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (@Sheamus)

Twitter Glossary

The PDF belows outlines a glossary of abbreviations used on Twitter.

Additionally, the following link includes vocabulary and terminology used to talk about features and aspects of Twitter:


Educational Hashtags

Below are links to lists of educational hashtags:

The A-Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags (@Edudemic):

Educational Hashtags (@cybraryman1):

The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Education (@TeachThought):

Twitter Hashtag Tips (@alicekeeler)

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are real time discussions at a pre determined time using a hashtag. The hashtag links tweets together to allow you to follow the virtual conversation. 

Twitter chats provide a chance for people to connect and network through shared interests, exchange and debate ideas and find/share new ideas and resources.

Listed below are some educational chats I recommend:​


A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter

by @hootsuite


Interesting Facts About Twitter

140 Things you didn't know about Twitter (@EliLanger):