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Type & Image

Type & Image

Author: Maria Tucker

This lesson introduces you to the art of combining type and image on the page.

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Source: Image of various paper sizes, by Maria Tucker Image of Golden Section, Public Domain Image of Illuminated Manuscript, Public Domain Image of Gutenberg Bible, Public Domain Image of Personal Computer, Public Domain Image of Layout Software, Public Domain Image of Laser Printer, Public Domain Image of Desktop Publishing Cycle, by Maria Tucker Image of Adobe WYSIWYG, Public Domain

Terms to Know
Desktop Publishing

The term for the creation of digital documents using page layout software; this production method revolutionized the work of the graphic designer.

Golden Section

A geometrically calculated proportion, recognized throughout art and design history as aesthetically pleasing.


"What You See is What You Get" Used to describe the ability to see type and image detail on a computer screen that is the equivalent of the printed version.