Typed Homework

Typed Homework

Author: mary daunis
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Introduction to Psychology

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Insert an Image into Geogebra

This lesson shows how to insert an image from your picture files into Geogebra, resize it, and then draw something over it - pretty cool!

Use Geogebra to Draw a Norman Window

This will give you a head start - you can make your drawing more fancy if you like!

Norman Window

Design a Norman window with these specifications:

• 48 feet of trim on the outer edges
• let in the maximum amount of light
• straight trim costs $2.00 per linear foot
• curved trim costs $3.50 per linear foot
• Find the dimensions of the window and the total cost of the trim

The Refinery

The refinery produces fuel oil and gasoline. We want to help them maximize profit. This is a linear programming problem -

Outback vs. Highlander

I want good gas mileage but I also want to save money in the long run. How far would I need to drive so that the extra money spent on the Highlander makes up for itself in gas savings?