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Types of Informative Speeches

Types of Informative Speeches


At the end of this tutorial you will be able to

  1. describe the three types of informative speeches through practice test, examples, and practice.


Speeches are presented in many environments.  They are presented at church, work, school, and other environments where you are presenting to more than one person.  In particular, this tutorial will define informative speech and state the three types of informative speeches that one can give.

An Informative Speech informs an audience about a particular topic or subject.  The topic(s) or subject can consist of  descriptions, definitions to explain a subject, a person, an event, a process, a demonstration or more.  The next sections will give more specifics about these topics or subjects.



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Types Of Informative Speeches

The powerpoint defines the term informative speech, gives the types of informative speeches with definitions and examples and lastly the powerpoint includes a critical thinking group exercise.

Source: Dr. Harper-LeBlanc

Informative Speech Example Called Managing Stress with Captions

Bailey Smith, an Advertising & Public Relations major (CLA) won second place with her speech entitled "The Effects and Ways of Managing Stress."

Source: YouTube License