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Types of Projects

Types of Projects

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Categorize projects used in project management.

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what's covered
This is a lesson on types of projects. Specifically, how projects can be categorized will be covered in depth:
  1. Types of Projects
    1. Processes
    2. Products and Services
    3. Technology
    4. People


Projects can be categorized based on the results that they produce. There are four types of projects and they are categorized by their focus.

Types of Projects

1a. Processes

A project can be focused on developing or adapting processes. Human resources might launch projects to improve the hiring or annual review process. The results of these projects are often used internally by organizations.



A business needs to update its accounting process. Doing so will involve members of the accounting department. If successful, it will positively impact vendors and customers, which can lead to more revenue for the company.

1b. Products and Services;
Products and services are often produced by projects, such as automobile design or call centers. The results of these projects are often sold to customers.

Products and Services


Local college students want to improve the campus recycling service. The goal is to raise awareness for environmental issues and to make the campus more sustainable. To do so, they will engage campus administrators, facility staff, and fellow students. Depending on the success of the project, it could impact the people of the greater community as well.

1c. Technology

Technology projects focus on the creation or the evolution of technology. Software development and the development of hardware to run the software would be considered technology projects.



A project team is developing a new mobile app. Upon successful launch, customers will be able to shop for the company's products from their smart phones.

1d. People
People-focused projects might involve skill development, improving performance, coordinating teams, or just increasing satisfaction in the workplace.



A department needs to do an overhaul of its professional development program. This project will solicit feedback from co-workers, as well as administrators, regarding the "what", "when", and "how" of these opportunities. The end result will be a comprehensive program for improving employees' skills,

All projects ultimately impact people. The HR process involves people hiring people, cars are driven by people, the end users for most technology are people. So any project must have project methods that help provide those people with exactly what they want.

Different categories of projects were discussed in this tutorial and included types of projects. There are many categories of projects including people, software, and products, and the methods that can be used to manage those projects.