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Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences

Author: Jon Moore

Students will understand the four (4) main types of sentences, along with the correct end punctuation needed for each sentence.

This packet will cover the four main types of sentences - declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory - as well as how they are used, various examples of each, and the correct punctuation associated with each sentence type.

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4 Types of Sentences

There are four main types of sentences:

1. Declarative Sentence: makes a statement


2. Interrogative Sentence: asks a question


3. Imperative Sentence: gives a command/request


4. Exclamatory Sentence: expresses emotion, surprise, strong feeling

Declarative Sentence

A Declarative Sentence:

-makes a statement                                                                                                      

-ends with a period (.)


Examples: I am going to the store.

                   The sky is cloudy today.

                   Tonight's football game is at 7pm.

Imperative Sentence

What is an imperative sentence?

An imperative sentence is a sentence that...

-gives a command and/or request

-ends with a period (.) OR an exclamation point (!)

**The subject in an imperative sentence - typically implied - is YOU

Examples: Be ready for practice at 5:30p.m.

                   Please clean your room.

                   Obey all traffic laws.

                  Drop and give me 20!

Interrogative Sentence

What's in a question? Let's take a loot at interrogative sentences to find out.

Interrogative Sentences:

-Ask a question

-End with a question mark (?)

Examples: Where are my socks?

                  Which is the fastest way to get to the mall?

                  Do you play the balalaika? 

Exclamatory Sentences

Can you feel it? We're almost done! The excitement level is through the roof! Wow!!!!

Okay, here's a look:

Exclamatory Sentences:

-show or express strong emotion, feeling, and/or excitement

-end with an exclamation point (!)

ExamplesI can't believe we just won that game!

                  The British are coming!

                 This is simply the best ice cream I've ever tasted!




Exclamatory Sentences at Work!

Classic movie lines, tons of emotion...just what exclamatory sentences sound like!

Source: youtube

Review Time - Watch Video

Quick video that reviews the main concepts of the four (4) main types of sentences.

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