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Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences

Author: Nikki Hansen

To introduce and discuss 6 varieties of sentences, and review clauses.

In this packet there is a slideshow, a video discussion and a short exercise to enhance your understanding of the variety of sentences we deal with on a daily basis.

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What Are The Different Types Of Sentences?

This slideshow introduces the different types of sentences. It gives examples, and discusses why/how they are used.

Identify the Sentence Type!

Identify the sentence type (some have more than one correct answer):

  1. The cat caught a mouse.

  2. The dog barked while the baby cried.

  3. The window was broken and the car, which was brand new, was scratched.

  4. My dog wanted to play frisbee, but I was tired.

  5. Nikki drove to the hospital.

  6. The water was poured into a cup.   

Reviewing the Slides

This video discusses the slides (and, of course, the types of sentences). You don't need to look at the slides first, but you can if you want!