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Types of testing students' knowledge

Types of testing students' knowledge

Author: Remy Claus

In education, instructors and teachers often formulate ways to test the comprehension of students with respect to academic disciplines. There are different techniques that teachers use when testing students’ knowledge.

Since the ’90s, there has been a widespread interest in the types of assessments used in school to respond to dissatisfaction that rose courtesy of multiple-choice form of testing. As a result, alternative assessments were introduced to cope with the changes in the academic scene. This article highlights the different approaches that teachers use in testing the knowledge of their students.

Written Assessments

Written assessments
are those tasks which require a student to respond to a prompt through writing. The prompts will vary depending on the level of education of the student. However, most prompts consist of printed documents such as historical texts, mathematical equations, brief questions, or even passages documenting an event. 

With a written assessment, the student is usually given a fixed amount of time to work on the paper before producing the latter on demand. Many written examinations can be narrowed down into two categories, multiple-choice tests, and constructed-response tests.

Multiple-choice assessments are used for gathering information that relates to the facts, knowledge, and ability to perform certain functions. They are quite efficient as they demand answers from students given a fixed amount of time. Additionally, the student is required to think and process information quickly before time runs out.

The second kind of assessment that tests a student’s knowledge involves the constructed-response test. As the name suggests, the test requires constructed responses either from open-ended questions or written assessments such as essays and research papers. 

Most students struggle with this kind of assessment because of its rigorous nature. However, with help from a professional writing service, you will submit a well-written paper, increasing your chances of scoring a high grade. 

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Performance tests

This kind of knowledge assessment requires students to demonstrate their competence in performing certain functions. This category features different types of evaluation, including experiments, preparing reports gathering, tabulating, and analysing data. Skills and knowledge being tested here may vary considerably. For instance, in an automotive class, a teacher may ask a student to change the engine oil to test the student’s comprehension of the subject. 

Today both the computer and the internet have played significant roles in the formulation of such assessments. For instance, students can now demonstrate their abilities in a test based on real-life situations courtesy of computer simulations. Additionally, it possible for students to prepare themselves for such assessments with help from the internet. 

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Just like the assessment mentioned above, portfolios are a summation of a student's work over an extended period. Portfolios may contain materials from assessments discussed above and include work samples, records such as transcripts, journals, conversations, etc. Portfolios are a great way of showing the development of a student’s knowledge over time.


For years, student assessment tests have morphed from selected responses such as true or false questions to constructed response assessments. Today, written assessment tests such as essays are popular among institutions. Such tests can be complicated and overwhelming. For this reason, help from writing services can go a long way in increasing your odds of scoring a high grade.

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