Types of Topic Sentences

Types of Topic Sentences


By the end of this lesson you will be able to identify two types of advanced level topic sentences and two types of mastery level topic sentences and practice writing them.

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Let's get started!


1. Watch the video and take notes.
2.  Write your summary and HOT question on your guided notes.

Topic Sentences--Same video as below.

Source: Prezi adapted and recorded by E. Suchanski

Types of Topic Sentences (Concept 2)

Source: original Prezi by Nichole Carter, used with permission with adaptation and recording by E. Broderick

Situation/Stance Topic Sentence Examples and Word Bank Link

These are the sentences you need for your notes on this video. If you are using the guided notes, they are already on the notes!


1. Even though I like all holidays, the Fourth of July is my favorite.

2. Although teaching is a challenging profession, it is still very rewarding.

3. Because most people carry cell phones, it is important that they learn basic cell phone etiquette.


To access the word bank for the number statements and starter words for the situation/stance topic sentences, click here.