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UDL versus DI

UDL versus DI

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, you will learn compare and contrast Universal Desin for Learning and Differentiated Instruction.

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Notes on "UDL vs DI"


(00:00 - 00:10) Introduction

(00:11 - 00:30) What will you learn today?

(00:31 - 01:55) What are the similarities and differences of UDL and DI?

(01:56 - 02:26) What did you learn today?

(02:26 - 02:44) Reflection


Additional Resources

Montgomery County Public Schools: Universal Design for Learning FAQ

This is a useful FAQ sheet on comparing UDL and differentiated instruction as well as other teacher resources. This fact sheet provides a useful snapshot for teachers when planning with UDL in mind.

Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction: Resolving Competing Mandates of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and No Child Left Behind

This article includes strategies on using both UDL and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners. This article is based on personal interviews, and the authors offer caution about generalizing the findings. Still, the article serves to provide practical ideas around meeting the needs of students in light of given mandates.