ultimate frisbee

ultimate frisbee

Author: Dirk Dixon

Students will become proficient in the rules of ultimate frisbee.

Students will learn and perform the necessary skills involved in a game of ultimate frisbee.

Students will use technology to collaborate with other students around the world on the topic of ultimate frisbee.  Students will also record a video trailer advertising the sport of ultimate frisbee and introduce it to their colleagues around the world.

In this course students will read and study the rules of ultimate frisbee and participate in organized drills to increase skill development.  After a series of drills the students will then be grouped into teams and compete in organized games.  They will video the games and analyze their progress.  They will use this information to collaborate with other students around the world to learn different strategies and viewpoints to increase competiveness.

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highlights of ultimate frisbee competitions

Source: youtube.com

Rules of Ultimate Frisbee

official rules of Ultimate Frisbee

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Media Collaboration and Presentation

video games and create playlist of special plays

share with students from a distant country

collaborate of differentials of strategy

redefine your thoughts and ideas with a combination of all

form practice to apply the new system