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Understanding Apostrophes

Understanding Apostrophes

Author: Karen Hamilton

Upon completing this tutorial students should be able to correctly identify errors in apostrophe use and correctly use apostrophes in writing.

This tutorial will help students to correctly identify errors in apostrophe use and correctly use apostrophes in writing.

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Source: McGraw-Hill

Apostrophe Catastrophes

Errors in apostrophe use are a very common writing error. You can find errors of this type all around you. I'll bet if you keep your eyes open, you will even see one or more of these on the billboards and signs all around your town!
(I'm not sure where this pdf came from orginally, but it has circulated the web for years and shows some major slip-ups in apostrophe use. See if you can spot the errors!)


Source: unknown

Finding Apostrophe Errors

See if you can find the errors in this document. Write the sentences correctly on your paper and turn in to your teacher if they ask you to.


Apostrophe Quiz

This is a quiz to make sure that you can spot errors in apostrophe use. Download and complete, then turn in to your online course or to your instructor.