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Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson introduces learners to Understanding by Design, a framework for instructional planning and the development of assessments and instruction that lead students to in-depth understanding.

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Notes on "Understanding by Design"


(00:00-00:13) Introduction

(00:14-00:34) Understanding by Design Introduction

(00:35-02:06) The Six Facets of Understanding

(02:07-04:09)The Stages of Understanding by Design

 (04:36-05:53) Lesson Plan Example

(05:54-06:18) Reflection

(06:19-06:51) Conclusion


Additional Resources

Doing Math 

This is a grant funded website that explains the six facets of understanding and connects them to Digital Bloom's.

iTeachU: UAF eLearning Faculty Resources

This is a website connecting outcomes and objectives to Digital Bloom's and the six facets of understanding. The website includes a rubric for the six facets of understanding.