Understanding By Design Overview

Understanding By Design Overview

  1. Become aware that Understanding by Design is a philosophy.
  2. Understand the concept of teacher as instructional designer.
  3. Understand the “Big Idea” concept of instructional design.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the three stage design process.

This tutorial is designed to acquaint teachers with the basics of the Understanding by Design process. The overview provides foundational information to educators that want to transform their classrooms into student centered learning environments.

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Understanding by Design Overview

This quick tutorial is deigned as an overview of the Understanding by Design process.

Source: Anthony J. Marsella

Understanding by Design Overview

PowerPoint slides to accompany the video overview of Understanding by Design

Source: Anthony J. Marsella

Next Steps Prompts

Use the prompts to start the Understanding by Design "Big Idea" process.

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Source: Anthony J. Marsella