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Understanding Common Core ELA

Understanding Common Core ELA


In this lesson you will learn the basics of the CCSS ELA Standards

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Notes on "Understanding Common Core ELA"

(00:00-00:21) Intro

(00:22-00:33) Objectives

(00:34-01:53) History of CC ELA Standards

(01:54-04:14) Key Shift Areas

 (04:15-05:46) Positives & Negatives

 (05:47-05:58) Review

(05:59-06:45) Reflection

Additional Resources

EQuIP Quality Review Process 

This Equip Rubric is for the review of math lessons and units aligned to the CCSS math standards. Currently there are many resources available with a CCSS sticker attached, yet very few of these resources are actually aligned. As an educator it can be difficult to know if a resource is aligned. The Equip rubric provides an easy to use rubric for educators to use in selecting and developing resources and lessons aligned to the CCSS.


Educators Evaluating Quality Instructional Products (EQuIP)

This is a video on how to use the Equip Rubric resource. Scroll to the bottom of page and click on tab labeled "Equip Training Materials." 


Achieving the Common Core 

Achieve the Core has developed a handout for educators that breaks down the components of the ELA CCSS. This fact sheet provides a high level overview of the Reading, Writing, Language, Speaking and Listening, Technology, and Literacy Standards.


Achieve the Core

This website offers information for teachers, coaches, and leaders who are implementing the CCSS in their schools and classrooms. By clicking on your role, subject and grade, you will find strategies, lessons plans, and embedded professional learning to help you integrating the standards into your curriculum and instruction.