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Understanding Common Core Math

Understanding Common Core Math


In this lesson you will learn the basics of the CCSS Math Standards

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Notes on "Understanding Common Core Math"

(00:00-00:31) Intro

(00:32-00:42) Objectives

(00:43-01:51) History of CC Math Standards

(01:52-03:35) Key Shift: Greater Focus, Fewer Topics

(03:36-04:49) Key Shift: Coherence

(04:50-06:24) Key Shift: Rigor

(06:25-08:12) Positives & Negatives

 (08:13-08:22) Review

(08:23-09:04) Reflection

Additional Resources

Index of Flipbooks

A terrific tool to implement the mathematical standards from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in Kansas.  Click on the grade that you teach from the list of flipbooks. Here is a link to the kindergarten flipbook as an example: The flipbook provides teachers with instruction on how to apply the standards at their grade level, offering examples and embedded professional learning within the document.



LearnZillion is a terrifc portal of online lessons aligned to the ELA and Math CCSS by grade level. Teachers can create playlists and track data within this free resource. The resource also includes handouts and communication components for parents.