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Understanding Functions

Understanding Functions

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Present the idea of a function
Introduce function notation
Explain the relationship between y and f(x)

The lesson features a slide show presentation with cartoons. It explains the concept of mathematical functions and function notation using a vending machine analogy.

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Understanding Functions: An InterDimensional Junk Food Adventure

Introduces the concept of a mathematical function and explains function notation.

Supplemental: Recognizing Functions Using The Vertical Line Test

If we have a graph of an equation in two variables, we can tell whether or not the graph depicts a function using  the vertical line test.  

Recall that if y is a function of x, then no two y values can correspond to a single x value.  Graphically, this means that no vertical line can intersect the graph at more than one point.  If a vertical line can be found that intersects the graph more than once, then the graph is not a function.  For example:


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