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Understanding General Software Development

Understanding General Software Development


Students will understand:

- Application Life-Cycle Management

- Application Specifications

- Algorithms and Data Structures

UML (Unified Modeling Language) is the visual models of different components. Phases of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) involve 1) planning, 2) designing, 3) developing, 4) testing, and 5) maintaining. The mock-up shows clients what the user interface will look like. An array is a list of data values or objects. LIFO (Last In, First Out) model refers to a stack. A linked list is a list of elements connected by pointers. A queue is a structure where elements can only be removed in the same order they were inserted (FIFO) similar to waiting in line to ride a roller coaster or purchase lunch at Subway. A stack is referring to elements only removed in reverse order they were inserted such as the way many of us wash dirty dishes (Last In, First Out). Sort algorithm puts data elements in sequenced order by either bubble sort, selection sort, or insertion sort.

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Understanding General Software Development Glog by Mrs. Stonecipher

Understanding General Software Development Glog by Mrs. Stonecipher is listed below.


A queue

A brief description of a queue.

Understanding Application Lifecycle Management

Explanation of ALM.