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Understanding Historical Thinking Standards

Understanding Historical Thinking Standards


In this lesson you will learn the basics of the Historical Thinking Standards

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Notes on "Understanding Historical Thinking Standards"

(00:00-00:23) Intro

(00:24-00:34) Objectives

(00:35-01:17) History of Historical Thinking Standards

(01:18-02:24) The Standards

(02:25-03:25) 5 Interconnected Dimensions

(03:26-03:58) Positives & Negatives

(03:59-04:10) Review

(04:11-04:56) Reflection

Additional Resources

Introduction to Standards in Historical Thinking

This is UCLA's History site, the official site of the historical thinking standards. These standards can be used with any history, social studies or geography standards and emphasize the skills necessary for students to think like an historian. By clicking on the history standards tab, you will find the national history standards. In addition, you will find a valuable resource aligning the history standards with the CCSS.

What is Historical Thinking?

There are so many history standards. Combine that the addition of the historical thinking standards and the related CCSS and aligning lessons and curriculum can become overwhelming. TeachingHistory.Org offers practical strategies on incorporating the standards lessons and curriculum. Of particular interest, scroll down to watch videos of historical thinking in action in classrooms.