Understanding Like Terms

Understanding Like Terms

Author: Donna Powell

At the end of this lesson students will be able to indentify, compare and explain if algebraic terms are like terms. Students will also add and subtract like terms by solving practice problems.

Students need a basic understanding of how algebraic terms are formed by letters and numbers as well as when terms can be combined together.

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Combining Algebra Like Terms

This is a slide share written by Passy World on how to determine like algebraic terms. He also shares how to add and subtract terms, how we use like terms in real day to day life and provides practice problems to help students practice this skill.

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Source: http://passyworldofmathematics.com Visit our Site for Free Mathematics PowerPoints

Practice: Understanding LIke Terms

This practice worksheet gives students the opportunity to try out the skill they have just learned. The solutions are written on the second page so they can check their answers.

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Source: Infinite Pre-Algebra Kuta Software LLC