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Understanding National Standards for Foreign Languages

Understanding National Standards for Foreign Languages


In this lesson,students evaluate the origins and purpose of the National Standards for Foreign Language. In addition, students analyze the parts of the Foreign Language Standards as they relate to modern languages and Latin.

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Source: Digital Access Key Image; Morgue File;; Foreign Language Rings; ACTFL Website;

Notes on "Understanding National Standards for Foreign Languages"

(00:00-00:28) Intro

(00:29-00:38) Objectives

(00:39-02:21) History of National Standards for Foreign Languages

(02:22-05:34) Foreign Language Standards

(05:35-07:58) Classical Language Standards

(07:59-08:12) Review

(08:13-08:55) Reflection

Additional Resources

National Standards for Foreign Language Education

The American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) has published an official website for the National Foreign Language Standards. These standards are based on the 5 Cs: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

Foreign Language Instructional Activities

This Virginia Department of Education site provides resources for teaching using foreign language standards. Scroll down to access lesson plans, rubrics, and resources aligned to the standards. The activities link provides lesson plans with embedded resources and teacher guidance.