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Understanding Neurotransmitters

Understanding Neurotransmitters

Author: Darla Dunlop

At the end of this unit students will:

1.  Identify how neurotransmitters move from cell to cell in the brain

2.  Identify the difference between

  • neurotransmitter release into the synapse
  • reuptake back into the original cell
  • receiving the neurotransmitter at the receptor sites

3.  Identify what kind of neuronal malfunctioning causes psychiatric symptoms.

This is a brief description of the process of neurotransmission of chemicals within the brain and the impact that this has on the development or resolution of psychiatric symptoms.

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This mini lecture explains how neurotransmitters move from neuron (nerve cell) to neuron within the brain. When the neurotransmitter system is malfunctioning then psychiatric symptoms emerge.

Source: Video created by Darla Dunlop at

Neurons and How They Work

Discovery Channel describes how neurons work within the brain.

Neurotransmitters Mini Lecture

Slides that accompany the mini lecture video

Source: Slideshow by Darla Dunlop at