Understanding Neurotransmitters

Understanding Neurotransmitters

Author: Darla Dunlop

At the end of this unit students will:

1.  Identify how neurotransmitters move from cell to cell in the brain

2.  Identify the difference between

  • neurotransmitter release into the synapse
  • reuptake back into the original cell
  • receiving the neurotransmitter at the receptor sites

3.  Identify what kind of neuronal malfunctioning causes psychiatric symptoms.

This is a brief description of the process of neurotransmission of chemicals within the brain and the impact that this has on the development or resolution of psychiatric symptoms.

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This mini lecture explains how neurotransmitters move from neuron (nerve cell) to neuron within the brain. When the neurotransmitter system is malfunctioning then psychiatric symptoms emerge.

Source: Video created by Darla Dunlop at ddunlop@msmc.la.edu

Neurons and How They Work

Discovery Channel describes how neurons work within the brain.

Neurotransmitters Mini Lecture

Slides that accompany the mini lecture video

Source: Slideshow by Darla Dunlop at ddunlop@msmc.la.edu