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Understanding Next Generation Science Standards

Understanding Next Generation Science Standards


In this lesson, students evaluate the origins and purpose of the NGSS science standards. In addition, students evaluate the 3 dimensions of the NGSS science standards.

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Notes on "Understanding Next Generation Science Standards"

(00:00-00:24) Intro

(00:25-00:35) Objectives

(00:36-02:40) NG Science Standards History

(02:41-03:20) NG Science Standards Framework

(03:21-04:40) Positives & Negatives

(04:41-04:52) Review

(04:53-05:38) Reflection

Additional Resources

The Next Generation Science Standards

The NGSS site is a comprehensive website that includes the NGSS standards, resources for teachers, and embedded professional learning videos and resources. It is important to note that when searching the standards, you can search by Topic or by Disciplinary Core Idea (DCI). Most school districts make a collective decision on which method to use when incorporating the standards into their curriculum and instruction. This link provides you access to both the Topic view and the DCI view.

How to Read the Next Generation Science Standards

The NGSS are challenging to read at first. Their structure is different than most standards that teachers work with on a regular basis. In an effort to help teachers understand how to read the standards, NGSS has developed this useful how-to video.

EQuIP Rubric for Lessons & Units: Science

There are currently many resources available with a NGSS sticker attached, yet very few of these resources are actually aligned. As an educator it can be difficult to know if a resource is aligned. The EQuIP rubric provides an easy to use rubric for educators when selecting and developing resources and lessons aligned to the NGSS. Below is a link to the rubric as well as a how-to video on using the rubric.
Video: (Scroll to the center of page and click on the tab labeled "EQuIP Training Materials.")