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Unimodal vs. Bimodal Distribution

Unimodal vs. Bimodal Distribution

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Author: Jonathan Osters

This lesson will explain distributions with one or more modes.

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Source: Bimodal Height Distribution; Creative Commons: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BimodalAnts.png Other graphs created by the author

Notes on "Unimodal vs. Bimodal Distribution"


(0:00-0:52) Unimodal Distributions

(0:53-1:37) Bimodal Distributions

(1:38-2:36) Distributions that appear bimodal may be graphing two unimodal distributions on the same set of axes

(2:37-2:58) Multimodal distributions

(2:59-3:34) Recap


Terms to Know

Unimodal/Single-Peaked Distribution

A distribution where one value or bin contains more data than the other values or bins.


Bimodal Distribution

A distribution where there are two distinct values or bins that contain more data than the others, usually separated by a gap.


Multimodal Distribution

A distribution where there are many values or bins that contain more data than other nearby bins, usually separated by gaps.


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