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Unique Learning System

Unique Learning System

Author: Kara Weirum
  • Students will read grade-level appropriate text.
  • Students will participate in appropriate turn taking while reading chapter in a small group.
  • Students will answer comprehension questions.
  • Students will create word and picture cards for the Word Wall.
  • Students will clean up workspace.

State Content Standards:


Students read and understand grade-level-appropriate material. Students describe and connect the essential ideas, arguments, and perspectives of the text by using their knowledge of text structure, organization, and purpose.


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Introduction to Unique Learning System Lesson


Students will listen to and read grade-level appropriate materials. Students will also answer comprehension questions by choosing the correct picture to demonstrate understanding. 


  • 2 iPads
  • Unique Learning System website
  • Grade-Level appropriate chapters
  • Grade-Level appropriate comprehension questions
  • Grade-Level appropriate pre-/post-assessment worksheets
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Tape

Unique Learning System Lesson Activities


  1. Welcome/Introduction
  2. Students will broken into two groups according to reading level.
  3. Teacher will distribute iPad to each group.
  4. Teacher will assist each group in accessing the Unique Learning System website.
  5. Once logged in, teacher will assist student in finding the appropriate reading level.
  6. Students will rotate scrolling to the next page.
  7. After reading the chapter, students will be asked to get scissors and a glue stick.
  8. Teacher will pass out comprehension question worksheets.
  9. Students will take turns reading aloud the comprehension questions and stating the answer.
  10. Students will turn completed comprehension question worksheets into their bins.
  11. Students will clean up scissors and glue stick.
  12. Students will be assigned a word to write on an index card and the corresponding picture.
  13. Students will write the word in a marker and color the picture in a matching color.
  14. Students will tape word and picture cards to the Word Wall.
  15. Students will clean up supplies.


How Unique Learning System Lesson adresses all learners with disabilities

Differentiated Instruction:

Students will be presented information visually on the screen and listen to the computer verbally reading the chapter.

Next, students will take turns reading the comprehension questions aloud to a small group. (Nonverbal students will point to pictures and be assisted by staff member when it is their turn to read the word aloud).

Depending on the student’s reading level, the students will read the words of the question or use the pictures to assist in reading.

Students will also use a pre-/post-assessment worksheet with either all words or picture supplements according to their reading level.



English Language Learners and students who are nonverbal will have pictures to accompany the words. This will enable students to increase their vocabulary and begin to view high frequency words as sight words accompanied by pictures.

Students will have staff members assist in reading comprehension questions and choices.

Students will be placed into a group and the worksheet will address two different reading level groups while still allowing all students to access the same content.

Students will create visual representations of new vocabulary words for the Word Wall.



The Unique Learning System curriculum is focused on monthly topics. Each month contains chapters, pre-/post-assessment worksheets, comprehension questions, vocabulary games and sight word games. Students will spend two to three days on each chapter and teacher will facilitate students creating an outline on the board recalling each chapter from the monthly topic. Students will also spend the month adding new vocabulary picture and word cards to the Word Wall. Students also end school day playing group games, such as Hangman or Memory, where students choose vocabulary words from the chapters.


Student & Staff step by step video for listening to a Unique Learning System chapter on a computer or iPad

Welcome Parent Survey

This survey will help to allow parents to give their child's teacher more information about the technology being used at home and what technology the student is comfortable using.

Instructional Assistant Survey

Facts about Unique Learning System and address the need for students with significant disabilities to have access to a standard-based curriculum