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Unit 1 Greek and Latin Root Words

Unit 1 Greek and Latin Root Words

Author: Julie Sully
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Unit 1 Vocabulary Words

1. deficient

2. petrify

3. affection

4. facsimile

5. suffice

6. transact

7. coagulate

8. agenda

9. inoperable

10. cooperate


12. defunct

13. malfunction

Latin and Greek Roots


2. ACT, AG




1. Make flashcards using Quizlet

a. 13 cards for the terms

b. make flashcards for the Greek and Latin roots and their meaning

2. Please make sure you title the set (eg: Unit 1 Root Words)

3. Put you name in the title- Andrew B. First name and last initial only.




Grammar 6-1 Quizlet Link:

​Grammar 6-2 Quizlet Link:



Activities for class:

1. Review words

2. Word Associations

3. Exercise #1 in book- as a class

4. Exercise #2- in groups of two. Review together.

5. Exercise #3- alone. Hand in when complete.

6. Play Kahoot for review.


Extra Points for Quiz

Complete exercise 6 in your workbook for 3 extra credit on your quiz. This will be stapled to your quiz.