Unit 1 Part (8th Grade)

Unit 1 Part (8th Grade)

Author: Julie Sully
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Introduction to Psychology

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Read the student friendly definitions on this tutorial, then write down the following:

1. Your own students friendly definition, and part of speech (found in your orange book)

2. Also write down word association. See below for instructions.

This will all be completed in your word log.

Unit 1 Part A Terms and Definitions

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Unit 8 Part B

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Word Associations

For each of the words please make an association with the word and explain WHY you have associated this word to it.

Here is an example:

Word: Delicate

Association: Tissue Paper

Reasoning: Because tissue paper rips easily, therefor it is delicate.

You need to have ALL of this!

Creating Sentences

Students will be put into groups and assigned certain words. Your group must write an original sentences that make the meaning of the word clear.

Other Activities

Word Relationships

Antonym/Synonym Word Clouds

Kahoot For Review