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Unit 1: Survival Guide Intro (Read Me First)

Unit 1: Survival Guide Intro (Read Me First)

Author: Thieme Bittick

     This site was created with the professional educator in higher education in mind. It is our goal to assist educators with promoting the skill of creativity and innovation in today's learners through the use of the flipped classroom model. 

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Introduction to the Survival Guide: Promoting Innovation and Creativity through the Flipped Classroom Learning Model

           Welcome to our Survival Guide!


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    The guide consists of eight units, or "tutorials," and a game bundled into a playlist titled "Promoting Innovation and Creativity through the Flipped Classroom Learning Model." The educator's assignment is to go through the guide by viewing the webinars in each unit and completing the quizzes where appropriate. To view a webinar, click the play bar beneath it to begin. 

   After viewing each unit, answer the quiz questions on that unit. Then move on by going to the top of the page and clicking on the next unit in the playlist.

   Just a note: Depending on your device, the quiz may display to the right of the screen or at the top. Please view the content first before taking the quiz. Once you submit your responses, the quiz answers will display on the screen. If you are asked by to create an account, that is not necessary to view the guide. If you choose to join, please use an email address with a .edu extension since this is a free resource intended for teachers.

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   The creators of this Survival Guide--Dr. Larry Loomis-Price, Ms. Thieme (TJ) Bittick, and Ms. Olivia Folds--wish you the best on your learning journey. You can find further resources linked in the References section at the end of the guide. We encourage you to submit your comments and questions in the Q & A box at the bottom of each unit.  

Course Objectives


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The objective of the assignment is to introduce educators to the concepts and research behind promoting the skills of creativity and innovation in today's global learners. After completing the assignment, educators should 

  • recognize that creativity and innovation are skills that can be taught and explain the theory and practice that supports this conclusion; 
  • identify the mandates required by the university for teaching the skills of creativity and innovation and apply these mandates in designing educational material; 
  • compare simple technology that can be used to flip a class and choose the most appropriate instrument(s) for a given purpose;
  • weigh the challenges with flipping a class and develop methods on how to overcome potential challenges;
  • construct a lesson plan to flip either a single lesson or an entire class in order to enhance the teaching of creativity and innovation.


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