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Unit 1, The Scientific Method, Controls & Variables, Metric System Review, and Graphing

Unit 1, The Scientific Method, Controls & Variables, Metric System Review, and Graphing

Author: Nate Holz

This tutorial is a review of the scientific method, controls/variables, metric system, and the basics on graphing.

This tutorial consists of ppt lessons as well as video clips that relate to the subject of this tutorial.

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Unit 1 Assignments

Here is where you can get a copy of your assignments for this lesson: Click here -

The above link gives you access to my Google Drive

Source: Bob Grove

Unit 1, Part 1: The Scientific Method

A ppt that starts with a brief video titled "Introduction to Earth Science." You can watch the video by selecting it below in this tutorial - it will not come up inside this ppt as it did in class. The notes then continue on to a discussion of the scientific method.

Introduction to Earth Science

A video from Frank Gregorio set up to look like a movie preview.

Scientific Review Movie

Here's the video from the last page of our notes - a good review of the scientific method

Source: From: maynerscience's channel

Case Studies

This ppt lets us look at two real world applications of the use of the scientific method.

Source: I found this information from the following website:

Abbott & Costello's "Who's on First"

I love this clip as it says a lot about effective communication skills...I also like it because it requires you to pay a lot of attention to detail and this lesson talks about observation skills as they pertain to the scientific method.

Unit 1.3: An Actual Experiment

I don't remember where I discovered this gem but I love the way it illustrates the use of the scientific method, as well as controls, and variables.

Source: I would love to find the author of this...

Deirdre Flint's "Metrics is Coming"

Just a wonderful song on the failed U.S. attempt at metric conversion. I use this video to start my review on the metric system.

Unit 1.4: The Metric System

This ppt is a brief introduction to the metric system by looking at when and why it was invented and how it is used in measuring length, mass, and volume. This ppt was modified by me from a now unknown author.

Source: Modified by me from an unknown author

The video: "Powers of Ten"

An outstanding short film made by Charles and Ray Eames back in the 70s. It really gives you an idea of size and the effect of adding or subtracting zero from a number. I like to use it during my metric system review.

Source: Charles and Ray Eames

Unit 1.5: Graphing

This is a ppt basic review of graphing by looking primarily at bar, line, and pie graphs.

Source: modified by me from several unknown authors

From BozemanBiology; "A Beginner's Guide to Graphing"

One of many fine videos made by teacher Paul Andersen...the title says it all.

Getting Ready for Our First Test

We covered a lot in this tutorial. Go back and review the powerpoint notes and even watch some of the video clips again. Don't forget to check over you class work and homework too.

If you've lost any of the work you can find copies of most or all of the work on our class website.

The first quiz will check your understanding of the following:

  • The Scientific Method
  • The use of a control
  • Using variables and knowing the difference between the independent & dependent variable
  • The parts of a graph and be prepared to make a graph by using a supplied data table
  • and finally a few questions on the metric system - be able to convert from one unit to another, such as how many km are in so many meters, etc.

Good luck!

Source: Mr. Grove