Unit 1 Video 1 (U1, V1) Lab Safety

Unit 1 Video 1 (U1, V1) Lab Safety

Author: Caitlin Meador

To understand the proper behavior, procedures and safety measures to be utilized in the lab environment. 

CLE 3202.Inq 3  Use appropriate tools and technology to collect precise and accurate data .  


Students will learn how to appropriately behave in the laboratory setting. 

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Lab Safety Video

Everything you wanted to know about Lab Safety.

Source: Created by Caitlin Meador using Camtasia for Mac and Prezi.

Lab Safety Prezi

Lab Safety Prezi to go along with the recording of the same prezi.

Source: created by Caitlin Meador using Prezi, the online zooming tool.

Lab Safety Rap

Lab Safety Rap

Source: You Tube

Lab Safety Poster Rubric

Rubric for Lab Safety Poster project. This is an individual

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