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Unit 1 Video 2  (U1 V2) Scientific Method-Questions, Design and Methods

Unit 1 Video 2 (U1 V2) Scientific Method-Questions, Design and Methods

Author: Caitlin Meador

Learning Objectives
            By the end of this lesson students will be able to: 

  1. Identify testable and non-testable questions. 
  2. Write their own valid, testable questions. 
  3. Determine whether or not an experiment is controlled.
  4. Identify the dependent, independent and controlled variables in sample experiments. 
  5. Design their own controlled experiment using design constraints and specific materials that will be performed by the student. 

State Standards 

CLE 3202.Inq.1  Recognize that science is a progressive endeavor that reevaluates and extends what is already accepted. 

CLE 3202.Inq.2  Design and conduct scientific investigations to explore new phenomena, verify previous results, test how well a theory predicts and compare opposing theories. 

CLE 3202.Inq.3  Use appropriate tools and technology to collect precise and accurate data.  

CLE 3202.Inq.4  Apply qualitative and quantitative measures to analyze data and draw conclusions that are free or free of bias. 

CLE 3202.Inq.5  Compare experimental evidence and conclusions with those drawn by others about the same testable question.

CLE 3202.Inq.6 Communicate and defend scientific findings.

We will learn how scientists operate and how to create our own controlled, unbiased and accurate investigations. 

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Scientific Method: Questions, Designs and Methods

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U1 V2 Scientific Method WSQ

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Scientific Method Part 1

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Sponge Bob Scientific Method Problems

Complete each scenario by finding the independent, dependent and control variables. Answer each question completely and fully.


Source: Adapted from Internet resource find.