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Unit 1: Volume

Unit 1: Volume

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Unit 1: Introduction to and Problem Solving with Volume

Hey Students and Families! 
It's Mr. V here and I wanted to welcome you to my tutorial of unit 1 for 5th grade! I look forward to a wonderful year with you guys and I know that we will learn loads of wonderful mathematics!! Let's dig in our heels and get to work. 

In this tutorial I will post a link to my youtube channel in which I talk about volume and what it means to determine the volume of solid figures. Please feel free to comment on the video any questions you may have. 

Also, I will have a showme tutorial posted that will express to you exactly how we use the volume formula to determine the volume of a rectangular prism, as well as an irregular three dimensional figure. 

And remember... MATH IS COOL!!  -Mr. V

Math Standards

Big Ideas for the following standards

5.MD.3a and b


 *Understanding volume as an attribute of 3-dimensional space

 *Use concrete models to discover strategies for finding volume

Big Ideas for the following standards

5.MD.5 a, b, c

*Apply understanding of volume to solve real world problems

*Find area of base and then multiply it by the height

*Use formulas to compute volume

*Find the volume of irregular shapes by finding two volumes and combining them. 



Here is a link to the handout from class 08/20/14

This link to a showme tutorial explains using volume with the concrete models. We introduce v=LxWxH and what that looks like in real examples. Mr. V

SHOWME Tutorial

Here is a link to the showme for the first handout.

Volume handout 1

This was the first handout for this unit