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Unit 2 : Human Health System

Unit 2 : Human Health System

Author: Saradhia Voltaire

A healthy immune system, good nutrition, and physical activity are all important in the maintenance of the human body.

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The Human System Part 1: The Innate Defense

Instuction : (1) Write a paragraph explaining how the Immune System Detects , Deflects and Destroys viruses and bacteria that attempts to enter and invades the body. (2). In a paragraph explain the stratergy of How the Body's Innate Defense cells know where to look for invasive viruses or bacteria? (3) In a paragraph explain the situation that has to occur for Infammatory responses of the immune system are activated such as fever. Also within that paragraph provide examples of the cause and effect of fever.

Source: Youtube: Crash Course

Immune System, Part 2: The Adaptive Immune System

Instruction: Answer the following Questios: (1) What is one of the key differences between the Adaptive and the Innate Defenses? (2) What are antigens? (3) Is it true that the main purpose of an antibody is to find, bind and mark to a particular antigen, Explain your answer.(4) Antibodies are not the killing agents but assist in a more effective way; What is the most effective and common strategies of antibodies? (5) What are the roles and importance of the Memory Cell and the Effector Cell. (6)How does the Humoral Response allows your body to achieve immunity. (7) Eplain Active and Passive Humoral Immunity. (8)In a paragraph explain why vaccination is so brilliant and important. (9)How does a vaccine work?

Source: Youtube: CrashCourse

Immune System part 3: Cellular Immune Response

Instruction: Answer the following questions:

(a) What is the difference between humoral and cellular immune response?

(b) What does cellular immunity mean?

(c)How does the cellular immune response take place?

(d) What are the characteristics of cellular immunity?

Source: Youtube: CrashCourse