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Unit 2 Sanitation and hygiene

Unit 2 Sanitation and hygiene

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Focus & Planning

  • Identify workplace safety guidelines and equipment.
  • Explain fire safety measures.
  • Describe first aid measures for burns, wounds, and choking.
  • Explain cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Describe the sources of direct contamination and cross-contamination.

  • Identify biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

  • Explain how to respond to an outbreak of foodborne illness.

Opening video on hand sanitation

Jerry Seinfield at Papa's Restaurant in New York City. Observe the sign as Jerry leaves the bathroom

Reaction to Jerry Seinfeild's video

Q 1 ) Would you eat at Papa's restaurant? Why?




Q 2) What would you do if you experience what Jerry experienced while you are at a restaurant?




Q 3) Would you inform the manager of this situation?



The answer to the above questions, leads us to the topic for today's lesson: "5 steps to washing hands." 

5 steps to washing hands as an employee in the restaurant industry as per the board of health

Demonstration of the proper hand washing procedure for the food service industry.

Pg 1

Read this page


pg 2

Read this page and complete the crossword puzzle at the end of this page


Fight Bac Games

Click or copy and paste the following URL to play the Fight Bac interactive video games on sanitation and hygiene.

Quiz on 5 steps of washing hands

In order to take this quiz, follow the following steps

  1. Log on to  and log in as a student
  2. Type the code 99030 as the room number and your name. see screen shot below:


3. When you complete your quiz on infuse learning, click submit for me to receive your result

Unit 2 Quiz