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Unit 6 - Solution Chemistry Student Directions

Unit 6 - Solution Chemistry Student Directions

Author: carolyn fruin

This unit studies Solution Chemistry which can be found in chapters 13 and 14 in the textbook Modern Chemistry. This packet contains the study list (learning targets) and the unit syllabus which contains homework problems, materials required and timeline for the final assessment.

Remember, you are holding yourself accountable for completing this unit and homework is not going to be graded. Do not procrastinate or not do the work - this would be a very BAD IDEA!


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Unit Syllabus

Required reading and homework problems are listed here. In class assessment is March 8th.


Unit 6 Study List

This is a complete list of learning targets covering chapter 13, 14 and some of the additional material posted in this lesson. Be sure to review these to be sure that you are ready for the final assessment.