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unit 6a

unit 6a

Author: david utsey

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Unit VI Project
Continuing on with the inspectio
n checklist created in Unit V, e
xpand on the inspection checklist, and include
ons for the following:

Fire hazards and other issues of life safety
This area should include
items such as
existing fire systems, recommendations fo
r any new systems, fire
including the storage of flammable items and/or materials
, emergency lig
hting, illuminated exit
and means of egress

The need for any industrial hygiene testing for lighting, noise, vibration, or any other similar hazard

The identification of any confined spaces or permit
required confined spaces
Is there a written program?
Are there permits available?
Is there a need for industrial hygiene testing?

Computers, automation of processes and/or machinery, and/or the use of robotics
Your inspection checklist should consist of at least two pages
se be sure to cite all
used. Save this
expanded checklist for use in Unit VII.

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