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Unit 7: Simple Technology Tools for Flipping Your Class

Unit 7: Simple Technology Tools for Flipping Your Class

Author: Thieme Bittick

Need some quick, easy, and free resources for flipping your class? This unit will tell you about a few tools that will help you do just that.

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 What do you mean, these aren't the kind of tools you're talking about in this lesson?

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(Free!) Technology Tools You Can Incorporate into Your Flipped Classroom

Not every educator has the budget or the technical skills needed to incorporate the technology necessary to flip a class. TJ Bittick discusses several easy to use and free (or mostly free) technology tools that will aid you in the quest to flip your classroom.


Links to TJ Bittick's Technology Tool Recommendations

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YouTube - Free video upload site. One of the simplest ways to share videos with your students.

Screencast-O-Matic - For recording your computer screen while doing a demonstration or narrating content. The basic resource is free! For just $15, the full site allows adding audio from the computer and editing tools for the videos you create.

eLearning Brothers - This is a pay site that provides templates, illustrations, audio files, animations, and cutouts of people for various course authoring tools, such as Captivate, Camtasia, and Articulate, as well as for PowerPoint. However, it occasionally offers free resources to entice potential customers to register for the site. If you do not mind registering, truly useful free products can be had. Tip: If you already own Captivate 9, the site's products come with it at no additional cost. - Offers a free virtual classroom. The instructor can load videos he or she has done or bundle tutorials from other members on the site to create a course module. These can then be bundled into a curriculum, or playlist, to which you invite students to view via an email. - A free site for adding interactive games or puzzles to your virtual flipped classroom site.

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