Unit 9 - FOIL & Factor Review

Unit 9 - FOIL & Factor Review

Author: Kate Sidlo

The student will be able to create a concept map in Popplet app and discuss the relationships and connections of quadratic equations (factoring and FOILing) using the Show Me app. 

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You objective is to create a a poplet that explains how the vocabulary words work together to convert the various forms of quadratic equations that we know.

You will then save your poplet as a picture and talk over the concept map using show me.

Last you will upload your show me to the class login.


Apps You Will Use:








For a little help on show me, watch the video at the bottom.

What is a concept map?

A concept map is a visual way of representing ideas using words and pictures to show the ideas and colors, boxes, and arrows to show their relationship.

Below is a concept map of the water cycle you can view as an example.

Vocabulary to Use:

FACTORED FORM: Any quadratic equation in the form y = (x - a)(x - b)

LINE OF SYMMETRY: The vertical line through the vertex, splits parabola into two mirror-image pieces

QUADRATIC EQUATION: A polynomial with a highest term of x2

QUADRATIC FORMULA: Formula solves for the roots of any standard form quadratic equation

PARABOLA: A graph of a quadratic equation

ROOTS/ZEROS: The point or points where a parabola intersects the x-axis.

STANDARD FORM: Any quadratic equation in the form: y = ax2 + bx + c

VERTEX: The point on the graph where the parabola changes direction from positive to negative or negative to positive