Unit Analysis

Unit Analysis

Author: Sarah Kummeth

-Understand what unit analysis is and what conversion factors are.
-Learn how to write and use conversion factors.
-Learn how unit analysis can be used to solve problems.

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In this packet you will learn what a unit analysis is and how unit analysis can be used. You will then learn how to solve problems with this new skill.

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New Terms

Unit AnalysisThe process of using conversions between different types of units as a guide to solving a problem.

                                                -a unit is a label on a quantity

                            ex: look for questions such as how much/ many, what is, or solve for to figure this out.

Conversion Factors- Different units of measure for the same amount.

                             ex: 1 meter= 100 centimeters

Standard Conversions

just a few examples...

100 pennies = 1 dollar                            1 dollar = 100 pennies

1 mile = 5280 feet                                     5280 feet = 1 mile

1 foot = 12 inches                                     12 inches = 1 foot

60 seconds = 1 minute                           1 minute = 60 seconds

100 centimeters = 1 meter                     1 meter = 100 centimeters

4 weeks = 1 month                                   1 month = 4 weeks



etc, etc...

Unit analysis and determining conversion factors.

Using real-life situations to introduce conversion factors